TestGen TestGen

Automated Unit Testing and Code Coverage Generation for Salesforce

Automated Unit Testing

TestGen automatically generates Apex Unit Tests to help increase productivity and shorten the development life cycle, potentially saving significant time and money

Code Coverage Generation

TestGen fills Coverage gaps to increase overall Code quality, improve Unit Testing, and streamline Apex version upgrading

Code Quality Reporting

TestGen identifies Apex Code needing to be restructured that cannot be covered by Unit Tests


TestGen will analyze complex Apex Code and Generate in-depth Unit Tests on-the-fly to achieve higher levels of Code Coverage, while making Salesforce production deployments and API version upgrades easier than ever.


TestGen makes it easy to access information related to your Salesforce Org's Code Coverage all in one place


TestGen can quickly construct in-depth Unit Tests while highlighting areas of improvement in your Apex Code


TestGen will provide an overall Code Coverage tracker and progress indicator for your Salesforce Org

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TestGen App Features


  • ✓ Unit Tests for custom Apex classes & triggers
  • ✓ sObject test data
  • ✓ Mocks for both internal & external API callouts


  • ✓ Apex code issues & syntax errors
  • ✓ Unused Apex class methods
  • ✓ Areas of code improvement


  • ✓ Schedulables, Queueables, & Batchables
  • ✓ Custom Objects & Settings
  • ✓ SOQL & SOSL queries
  • ✓ Complex Apex variables, objects & collections
  • ✓ External Apex class references
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